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Khabar Naak 13th January 2012

Khabar Naak — 13th January 2012

Watch Latest and Hilarious Episode of Khabar Naak with Aftab Iqbal, Seemab Aman Ullah Khan and Sakhawat Naz  on one and only www.Dunya4u.com.Khabar Naak 13th January 2012

[pro-player width='650' height='470' autostart='true' type='video']http://freevid.pkpolitics.com/jan12/khabarnaak_13_jan_12.flv[/pro-player]Khabar Naak 13th January 2012

Watch Latest Episode of Khabar Nak with Aftab Iqbal on one and only www.Dunya4u.com. Khabar Nak is Famous Talk Show which is broadcasting through GEO News. Khabar Nak Special Episode With Aftab Iqbal with Amanullah Khan, Sakhawat Naz & Seemab in a latest and hilarious episode of KhabarNaak Watch on www.Dunya4u.comComments on News, Zaban o Biyan & Dummy Online.

Programme: Khabar Nak
Host: Aftab Iqbal
Source: GEO NEWS

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