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Bang-e-Dara 6th April 2012

Bang-e-Dara – 6th April 2012

Fresh episode of Bang-eDara onwww.Dunya4u.com and Talk With Faisal Qureshi.Bang-e-Dara 6th April 2012 | Faisal Qureshi News One

[pro-player width='650' height='470' autostart='true' type='video']http://www.pakistanherald.com/videos/BD//BD20120406.flv[/pro-player] Bang-e-Dara 6th April 2012

Watch Today’s program of Bang-E-Dara with Faisal Qureshi on one and only www.Dunya4u.com. Bang-E-Dara with Faisal Qureshi is Famous Talk Show which is broadcasting through NEWS ONE TV.

Programme: Bang-E-Dara                
Host: Faisal Qureshi
Source: NEWS ONE

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